TopSolar Lithium Battery 5,12kWh LiFePO4 24V 200Ah 25,6V Integrated BMS 240AH Smart N51120050965
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TopSolar Lithium Battery 5,12kWh LiFePO4 24V 200Ah 25,6V Integrated BMS 240AH Smart N51120050965

TopSolar 25.6V 200Ah (5.12kWh) LiFePO4 lithium battery with 240Ah BMS Smart charge monitoring system, particularly suitable in combination with hybrid inverters as it supports a continuous supply of 240Ah with peaks up to 480Ah.

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LiFePO4 25.6V 200Ah BMS 240Ah Smart Lithium Battery, TopSolar Italy

Arrival in 60 Days from order, Book now, Limited quantities

The Smart BMS LiFePO4 battery is definitely the best alternative to 24V lead-acid batteries because they have a stable supply voltage even under heavy load. Offering the advantages of lithium: light weight, stable voltage, high cycle count. It can directly store more than 96% of the supplied energy. High performance even in extreme conditions. Deep and constant discharge and recharge efficiency.
The battery charge monitoring system (commonly called Battery Management System or BMS) allows intelligent management of the range and safety of an e-mobility vehicle, in turn reducing power costs. The BMS manages the entire array of lithium cells (single cells or entire battery packs), establishing a safe operating area, i.e. a safety area within which the battery pack guarantees the best technical and energy performance. The BMS is basically an electronic system for the complete control of all the diagnostic and safety functions for the management of the voltage on board the vehicle and the balancing of the electric charge.
The fields of application of lithium batteries are diverse, especially for stationary or mobile use. In particular, mobile homes, solar boats, electric boats, electric scooters, golf cars or even electromobiles/wheelchairs and cleaning machines are increasingly equipped.
Series and parallel connection for 24V, 48V and 96V applications.

Electrical performance:
Nominal Voltage: 25.6V (24V systems)
Nominal Capacity: 200Ah
Energy: 5120Wh
Cells: 3.2V Prismatic Cell
Cycle Estimate: 4000 cycles at 80%, 5000 cycles at 65%, 8000 cycles at 40% usage
Application: 24V installation, 4Pcs parallel, 4Pcs max series connection (24-48V-96V)
Exhaust performance:
Reconnect Voltage: >20V
Low Voltage Disconnect Recommended: 20V
Discharge Breakdown Voltage: >20V (50 ~ 150ms)
Charging performance:
Operating voltage range: 22.4V ~ 29.2V ± 0.2V
Maximum charge current: 100Ah
Continuous discharge current: 240Ah
Maximum discharge current: 480Ah
Temperature performance:
Charging temperature: 0 to 45℃
Discharge temperature: -20 to 60℃
Storage temperature: 0 to 45℃
Mechanical performance:
Terminal Type: M8/Anderson
Case Material: Metal
Enclosure Protection: IP55
Dimensions (L x W x H): 500*380*200mm
Weight 42kg approx
Guarantee: European, as per the regulation in force on the date of sale

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