CRC Teflub PTFE antiadhesive lubricant 400ml N730454LUB015
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CRC Teflub PTFE antiadhesive lubricant 400ml N730454LUB015

CRC PTFE antiadhesive lubricant, water-repellent, dry, polytetrafluoroethylene based, it does not retain dust, it does not form sludge and it does not stain. Unit size 400 ml.


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CRC Teflub PTFE antiadhesive lubricant
Flexible film, dry, colourless, does not pollute. It adheres firmly to metals, wood, plastic, glass, leather, rubber. Reduces the friction coefficient and prevents the adhesion of inks, glues, paints, resins, putties, water, ice.
• A lubricant which is non-sticky, electric nonconductive, for electrical applications, packaging machines, graphics, labelling, textiles, parking meters, vending machines, die-cutting machines, awning guides, drawers.
• Remover for cold or hold presses, for rubber or resin. Non-transferable on manufactured products: does not impede subsequent prints or painting. 
• Stable between -50 °C e +260 °C and with aggressive chemicals. Does not wash off with water. Water-repellent for curtains and clothing. Removable with acetone.
• Apply lightly, repeat several times at 10 minute intervals. Adhesion, resistance and duration of the film improve with heat at 250 °C, for 3 hours.

Unit size 500 ml.
Product code C2003
CRC brand