Anchorage and Mooring

Vast assortment of items for anchoring and mooring. Oars, half-sailors, paddles, oarlocks, anchors, rollers, mooring springs, mooring lines, technical lines, slings, anchor windlasses, winches, winches, thrusters, accessories for boat trolleys and much more.

Deck Equipments

Vast assortment of deck equipment such as engine mounts, gangways, ladders, platforms, seats, awnings etc.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintenance and Cleaning... where you will find paints, antifouling, primers, primers, resins, fillers, cleaning products, marine greases, oils, lubricants, waterline tapes, painting tools and much more

Steering trim maneuvering systems

The best selection of items for steering, maneuvering and trim. In this department there are mechanical and hydraulic steering systems, engine control systems, bow and stern thrusters and trim correctors.

Engine storage and spare parts

A sea of essential items for the storage of your boat's engine .. Anodes and zincs, spark plugs, fuel filters, oil filters, impellers, spare parts for trolleys, engine stands, shaft bushings, mufflers and much more.

On-board instruments

Here you can find all the on-board instruments for your boat.
GPS, Fishfinders, Radar, Autopilots, Radar, VHF, AIS, Compasses, Radio, Speakers, TV antennas and much more

Safety on board

Floating anchors, radar reflectors, horns, pharmacy boxes, first aid kits, safety belts, fire extinguishers, life jackets, distress signals, life rafts and much more ..

On-board comfort

On-board furniture and comfort .. Here you will find interior furnishings, nautical objects, buttons, eyelets, knives, multipurpose tools, cushions, glove boxes, watertight boxes, chairs, armchairs, table services, plates, glasses, crockery, pots, kitchen, stoves, rugs, doormats, rugs and much more!

Solar and Wind Energy

The widest assortment of rigid and flexible photovoltaic panels, photovoltaic kits, solar charge controllers, wind generators and accessories

Stainless steel screws

A vast assortment of stainless steel fasteners ... Screws, nuts, washers, cotter pins, wing nuts and much more

Sailing equipments

Everything for sailing! Furling jibs, blocks, sail battens, winch handles, cam cleats, quickdraws, sail repair tapes and lots of accessories for the sailor.

Rigid and self-inflating liferafts

Rigid and self-inflating liferafts

Dinghy and water sports

A vast assortment of tenders, water skis, inflatable water games, manual and electric inflators and various accessories

On-board Lighting

On-board Lighting per inside, outdoor and anderwater application

Plants and Hydraulics

Wide assortment of plant engineering items such as sanitary ware, showers, hand pumps, foot pumps, sinks, toilets, clamps, fuel pipes, water pipes

Freezer Refrigerators and Icebox

A wide range of refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, icebox and essential components for the construction of cold rooms.

Marine Hardware

Nautical hardware ... a vast assortment of items such as hangers, hooks, hinges, latches, locks, bolts, padlocks, handles, door accessories, gas springs, compasses, arms, actuators, stainless steel screws, nuts, screws, washers

On-board electricity

Everything for on-board electricity .. You will find batteries, battery accessories, electrical terminals, fastons, cable lugs, photovoltaic panels, charge controllers, wind generators, photovoltaic cable, battery boxes, inverters, fuses, fuse holders, sockets, plugs , quay cables, power dividers, voltage reducers, battery chargers, battery switches, switches, bulbs, ceiling lights, navigation lights and many other accessories regarding the electrical systems on board

International Thinner 920 5Lt 458COL6505
Thinner Professional line. This product is a blen of organic solvents specifically designed for thinning and / or equipment cleaning in association with Perfection.
International VC General Thinner 1Lt N702458COL305
International VC General Thinner is suitable for thinning all VC products when necessary and for cleaning equipment. It can dissolve VC17m and may be used to remove VC17m if necessary. Unit Size 1 Lt
International Thinner No.3 1Lt N702458COL652
Thinner No.3 is suitable for thinning Antifoulings, Bottom Coatings and other Special Paints such as Micron Extra, Micron CSC, Micron WQ, Cruiser Premium, Cruiser Superior, Cruiser,etc..