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Polished stainless steel cushion clamp OS1032000
Polished stainless steel cushion clamp. Part A has to be fastened to the boat and part B has to be fastened to the back of the cushion. Then the two parts clamp together. Dimensions: 50x50mm (A) 50x15mm (B).
BRAVO 2000 220V Electric Inflator OS6644693
BRAVO 2000 220V Electric Inflator. Functions: Inflation + deflation. 220V, W basic 1000, W with booster 2000. Flow Basic 1200l/min. Flow with booster 2000 l/min. Pressure Basic 2.0 PSI. Pressure with booster 5.8 PSI.
Diving 10W CREE LED Power Aluminum Torch N51925501016
Powerful completely waterproof IP68 professional LED torch for diving, fishing and pleasurecraft. Complete with armband that allows to fix the torch letting the hands free. Brightness 800 Lumen. Range 200m. Length: 14,5. LED: 1x 10W CREE.