TopSolar 100Ah 12V C10 AGM battery Solar Wind Photovoltaic Systems N51120050930
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TopSolar 100Ah 12V C10 AGM battery Solar Wind Photovoltaic Systems N51120050930

TopSolar 100Ah 12V C10 AGM battery both cyclic and buffer use with starting current of 600A (CCA). As backup batteries, photovoltaic systems, on-board services, setting up of gasoline outboards, road sign illumination, photovoltaic street lights.


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TopSolar 100Ah 12V C10 AGM battery Solar Wind Photovoltaic Systems

Sealed batteries with AGM technology, are designed for both cyclic and buffer use. The unique construction technique makes these batteries totally hermetic preventing potential leakage of gas or acid in any position of operation. These batteries are maintenance free and can operate at temperatures from - 20 to + 45%.
This special C10 battery has the characteristic of withstanding discharges faster compared to normal batteries.
High corrosion resistant performance: Pb-Ca multi-alloy grid. High energy density and power density. Excellent charge acceptance ability. Excellent deep cycle discharge capability. Precision sealing technology. Long life.
The most common use of these batteries is:
- Power systems.
- Telecommunications system.
- As backup batteries.
- On-board services.
- Setting up of gasoline outboards.
- Road sign illumination.
- Photovoltaic Street Lights.
- Emergency lighting, auto control system.
- Photovoltaic systems.
Model: TopSolar JM12-100;
Battery Type: AGM;
Nominal Voltage: 12V;
Nominal Capacity: 100 Ah (C10);
Rated Capacity:
-    100Ah  - 10Hour Rate (10.0A to 10.8V)
-    80.7Ah  -  3Hour Rate (26.9A to 10.8V)
-    65.5Ah  -  1Hour Rate (65.5A to 10.5V)
Internal resistance: Full charged at 25˚C: 10.0 mΩ
Max. Discharge Current: 1200A(5S)
Operating Temperature:
-    Discharge: -20 ~50℃(-4~ 122˚F)
-    Charge: -20 ~50℃(-4~ 122˚F)
-    Storage: -20 ~50℃(-4~ 122˚F)
Charge Method (25 ˚C): Charge current: Max.25A - Recom.10A
Float Charge voltage (-3mV/℃):
-    13.5-13.8V,recom.13.5V(Full floating system)
-    13.5-13.8V,recom.13.62V(Cycle use system)
-    Equalize charge:13.8-14.1V,recom.14.1V(-4mV/ ˚C)
-    Cycle charge:14.4-15.0V,recom.14.4V(-5mV/ ˚C)
Self discharge: 3% of capacity declined per month at 25 ˚C
Terminal: M8;
Dimensions (LxHxW): 33x22x17 cm;
Container Material: ABS;
Weight: Approx 28.5 kg (62.8 lbs).