Bardahl lubrificants and additivies

Bardahl Green Power Plus Oil 2T TC-W3 1LT N72349700001
Lubricant formulated with premium quality ashless additives for all two-stroke outboard motors, traditional and DFI of any displacement type and high power that require marked lubricity and performance NMMA TC-W3.
Bardahl Oil XTC C60 5W40 for 4 stroke engines 1Lt N72349700004
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Premium performance lubricant. The use of high-quality synthetic bases and special high-stability polymers allows to achieve outstanding performance. Ideal for fuel, diesel, turbodiesel engines.
Bardahl Fuel and Diesel stabilizer 150ml N72349700020
Fuel Stabilizer is a gasoline and diesel additive, formulated to avoid fuel degradation when stored unused for a long time in the tanks of vehicles, boats, agricultural vehicles and gardening equipment and in forestry applications. 150ml.
Inboard 4T 15W-40 Diesel Oil lubricant 5L N72349700025
Bardahl Inboard 4T 15W-40 oil is a superior quality lubricant ideal for marine inboard diesel engines. It optimally lubricates all parts of the engine giving maximum protection against wear and corrosion, resulting in longer engine life.
Bardahl Coolant Antifreeze OA Tech Pink 1Lt N72349700045
Pre-diluted and ready-to-use cooling and antifreeze liquid, based on pure non-regenerated ethylene glycol. Proper for cooling circuits of high-performing engines of motorcycles, scooters and quads which require premium long life fluids of OAT type.