Boat washing brushes pipes fittings

Star Brite Magic Sponge Scuff Eraser 115x70x35 mm MT5709081
Star Brite Sponge with nano abrasive elements that allows to erase stains, streaks and scuffs from vinyl and fiberglass surfaces, from boats decks and sides. Soft, does not damage the surface, neither needs chemicals to act.
Double-Face Boat Line Wash Glove 260x200mm MT5709174
Microfiber special wash glove perfect for any surface quick cleaning. One side absorbs water and detergents for a perfect soaping and rinsing. The other side removes dirt and descales. Size: 260x200mm.
Scrubbis Hull Scraper Set MT5709310
Innovative and easy to use Scrubbis Hull Scraper cleaning set that allows you to clean the entire hull while the boat is in the water. You can easily remove algae, fouling, molluscs and crustaceans with a simple handle movement.
Hand brush with handle N71447912947
Hand brush with handle with comfortable grip. This brush is ideal for cleaning propellers and wooden bridges as well as rails and steel parts.
White Brush - hard bristle N71447945883
White Brush - hard bristle: perfect for deck washing, rough and particularly dirt surfaces. Polypropylene brushe with protection rubber edge.
Natural chamois leather DAINO SALT Size Large OS3621501
Natural chamois leather DAINO SALT. Size Large (0,35/0,42 m2, approx cm 45/55 x 65/75). Full leather treated with special tanning for salty environments; the way natural leather dries cannot be compared to that of synthetic leathers.
Shurhold Hammerhead Soft brush OS3694500
Shurhold Hammerhead Soft brush. Can either be used by hand or with any clip-on SHURHOLD handle; designed for maximum comfort, fitted with side cushion; suitable for hull or deck cleaning.