All in One Inverter

The All in One inverters allow you to create an OFF GRID photovoltaic system for charging the battery bank (12v 24v or 48 volts) and the use of 230V alternating current with additional 230V AC input for emergency generator or grid manager. The ALL in ONE inverter is the simplest system to create an off-grid system with automatic exchange with the grid (or emergency generator), all components that usually make up a classic stand alone photovoltaic system (charge controller, inverter, control unit exchange and battery charger).
With these inverters you can always use renewable sources, therefore solar energy, energy stored in the battery and only in the absence of the two renewables, the inverter automatically exchanges on the AC emergency input of the generator or grid operator; This system allows you to have the maximum economic savings on your bill or even to completely eliminate the connection with the network operator.
ALL in ONE inverters have been designed to remain switched on 24 hours a day since thanks to the standby consumption of only 2W they do not discharge the batteries even if they remain switched on without loads applied. It should be noted that they also have the Cold Start function which allows switching on even without AC current, therefore in 100% OFF GRID operation and also in AC mode in the event of a power failure, the inverter restarts automatically.

All in One inverter main features:

• Pure Sine Wave.

• Integrated MPPT Solar Controller.

• Charging current selectable according to the applications.

• Solar and AC priority configurable via the LCD display.

• Compatible with variable voltages or generators.

• Automatic switch-on in case of AC power failure.

• Cold Start function (Start also with DC voltage battery only).

• Intelligent battery charger to optimize battery performance.

TopSolar Hybrid Inverter ALL in ONE 3000VA 2.4kW 24V MPPT 50A
TopSolar Hybrid inverter 2,4Kw 230V AC with MPPT 24V 50A 1200W solar charge controller and AC input for emergency generator. Priority use of renewable energy sources and automatic exchange with generator or power grid in case the batteries are dead.
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Growatt SPF 5000ES 5kW 48Vdc Single Phase Hybrid Inverter Off-grid
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Growatt SPF 5000ES 48Vdc 230Vac 5kW High Frequency Single Phase Hybrid Inverter for use in residential and commercial solar power systems, up to 6 units in parallel, max photovoltaic power 6000W, 330x485x135mm, 12kg.