Yachticon cleaning and maintenance products

Yachticon toilet cleaner 750ml N70848922745
Yachticon toilet cleaner: removes dirt, limestone and other deposits, disinfects. Protects and preserves gaskets and valves. Unit size 750 ml.
Yachticon Insect repellent spray 500ml N70848922753
Yachticon Insect repellent spray 500ml. Sprayed on the boat surfaces or on bimini tops, the natural substances contained in this product keep insects away for long periods of time.
Oxygenating Yachticon Schlauch Frei 1000gr OS5020953
"Schlauch Frei", oxygen based, specially formulated to clear build up inside toilet drain pipes and drives out offensive odours due to its anti-bacterial action. Unit size 1000 gr.
Yachticon Clean a Tank 500ml OS5219150
Yachticon Clean a Tank. Cleaner based with citric acid, suitable for removing lime residues on tanks or pipes. Package 500ml.
Yachticon Under-Water Wax Cleaner 500ml OS6521240
Cleaner specially formulated for all boats which are not painted with antifouling and are only in water for brief periods; cleans throughout and prevents the formation of algae for up to 3 weeks; suitable for all types of materials. 500 ml.
Yachticon Sea Soap Shampoo 300ml N70848904791
Yachticon sea Shampoo is a soap/shampoo to be used both with sea water and fresh water. PH 5.5, biodegradable. It contains special moisturising substances that neutralise the drying action of the sun, wind and sea on hair and skin.
Yachticon WC Oil Lubricant 100ml N70848922746
Yachticon WC Oil Lubricantp roduct based with natural oils. Pour onto the toilet bowl. Removes salt deposits. Lubricates and cleans pump's rubber gaskets. Lubricates and cleans gate valves. 100ml.