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NEW! Range of Energy Bull DUAL POWER batteries available - 6 types of riders scheduled!
• Batteries in boxes H5 / L2, H6 / L3, H8 / L5 -> maintenance-free, batteries in boxes A, B, C -> maintenance-free.
• The transparent box allows you to check the electrolyte level
• 4K lids (boxes H5 / L2, H6 / L3, H8 / L5) and safety glands (boxes A, B, C) ensure tightness and operational safety
• Easy to load thanks to the carbon additives present in the panel material
• Resistant to vibrations thanks to the lower bonding of the plates
• Cycle stability superior to that of a starter battery
• Optimized capacity - ideal for cyclic loads
• Solid cold start ratings - suitable for most starting applications
• Product improvement at the same price level