Solar Charge Controllers

A solar charger collects the energy from your solar panels and stores it in your batteries. Thanks to the latest and fastest technology, the regulators maximize this collection of energy, guiding it intelligently, to obtain a full charge in the shortest possible time and preserve the health of the battery and extend its life.

  • Ultra-fast Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT): especially in the case of cloudy skies, when the light intensity changes continuously, an ultra-fast MPPT type regulator increases the energy collected up to 30% more than a PWM type and up to 10% more than slower MPPT regulators
  • Advanced detection of the maximum power point in the event of partial shading: in the event that a partial shading of the PV panels occurs, the innovative algorithm always focuses on finding the optimum maximum power point, thus maximizing the energy collected
  • Exceptional conversion efficiency: maximum efficiency exceeds 98%.
  • Flexible charging algorithm: eight preprogrammed algorithms selectable by means of a special switch; a programmable algorithm. Battery temperature sensor to compensate for the charge
  • Extensive electronic protection: Overtemperature protection with power reduction. Short circuit and reverse polarity protection in the PV system. Reverse current protection
  • Internal temperature sensor: Compensates the absorption and the charging voltage for the temperature.