Off Grid Photovoltaic

The world of OFF GRID photovoltaics ... from small applications such as boats, camper huts to larger applications. in this section provided everything that falls within the off grid photovoltaic material ... Photovoltaic panels from 5W of power up to over 390W; from the classics with aluminum frame to the most modern and innovative flexible panels. 7 Ampere batteries for small systems up to industrial accumulators of over 6000 Ampere. Voltage regulators with PWM and MPPT technology of the latest technology with very high efficiency DC-AC inverter for simple off grid systems and All-in-One inverters with AC-DC battery charger and solar integrator regulator for more complex and medium-large photovoltaic systems. A wide range of accessories for the building of your photovoltaic system.
Off Grid photovoltaic kits (disconnected from the grid) are necessary where there is no possibility of being able to connect to the electricity grid. There are various applications such as mountain huts, rural areas but also campers, boats etc. These photovoltaic kits are composed of 3 main components, photovoltaic panel, voltage regulator and battery, which are essential to power 12 or 24 volt low voltage users and loads, however with the use of a DC-AC inverter it is also possible to power the common 220V loads.
Today it is possible to size and build large off-grid photovoltaic systems with powers of various Kw in both single-phase and three-phase.


Photovoltaic Kits Boat Camper Van

Stand alone photovoltaic kits designed for small applications such as boats and campers.
The kits we offer are composed of several components in order to provide a complete and ready-to-use set.
In this category you will find photovoltaic kits without the battery ideal for those who already have a battery and do not intend to replace it.
The basic components of a photovoltaic kit are:

  • photovoltaic panel
  • charge controller
  • battery
  • connection accessories
  • mounting accessories

Home Cottage Photovoltaic Kits

Stand alone photovoltaic kits designed for small applications such as boats and campers.
The kits we offer are composed of several components in order to provide a complete and ready-to-use set.
In this category you will find photovoltaic kits with battery ideal for those who need a kit with all the components just ready to use.
The basic components of a photovoltaic kit are:

  • photovoltaic panel
  • charge controller
  • battery
  • connection accessories
  • mounting accessories

DC-AC Inverter

The 100% OFF GRID inverters are used in all those renewable energy systems, generally at low voltage 12-24 or 48 volts and are indispensable for transforming the direct current from the accumulators into alternating current which is then necessary to operate the vast majority of commonly used devices.
An inverter (term of the English language that can be translated into Italian as inverter), in electronics, is an electronic input / output device capable of converting a direct current at the input into an alternating current at the output.
The applications are many:

  • in UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) they convert the voltage supplied by the battery into alternating current
  • in the transmission of electrical energy they convert the energy into direct current transferred in some power lines to be fed into the grid in alternating current
  • in the use of photovoltaic panels, it allows to transform the direct voltage into alternating voltage that can be used in the home or placed on the distribution network (if the current is fed into the national grid, a Grid-tie inverter is used)
  • To create a switching power supply, for transformation into direct current, with considerable advantages in terms of efficiency, dimensions and weight
  • In the aerospace field they are used to supply the avionics equipment of aircraft with a highly stable alternating current even if supplied by batteries (in case of electrical failure)
  • Speed ​​variation in electric motors
  • On cars, caravans and pick-ups: they convert the 12V direct current of the battery to 230V into alternating current to operate 230V devices.

The simplest type of inverter consists of an oscillator driving a transistor, which generates a square wave by opening and closing a circuit. The wave is then applied to a transformer which supplies the required voltage to the output by rounding the square wave to some extent. More efficient devices such as MOSFET, thyristor or IGBT are often used instead of the common transistor. The square waveform generated by these devices has the problem of being rich in higher harmonics, while the sine wave of the electrical network does not. This leads to lower efficiency of the powered equipment, greater noise and electrical noise, and serious problems of electromagnetic compatibility. More complex inverters use different approaches to output a waveform as sinusoidal as possible. An electronic circuit produces a stepped voltage by pulse width modulation (PAM) as close to a sinusoid as possible. The signal, called modified sinusoid, is smoothed by capacitors and inductors placed at the input and output of the transformer to suppress harmonics.

DC-DC Converters

Voltage reducers are devices capable of reducing the input voltage by 24V continuous, in an output voltage of 12V continuous. Very useful to be able to power most of your electronic / electrical devices on your vehicle with a maximum current around 30A.

All in One Inverter

The All in One inverters allow you to create an OFF GRID photovoltaic system for charging the battery bank (12v 24v or 48 volts) and the use of 230V alternating current with additional 230V AC input for emergency generator or grid manager. The ALL in ONE inverter is the simplest system to create an off-grid system with automatic exchange with the grid (or emergency generator), all components that usually make up a classic stand alone photovoltaic system (charge controller, inverter, control unit exchange and battery charger).
With these inverters you can always use renewable sources, therefore solar energy, energy stored in the battery and only in the absence of the two renewables, the inverter automatically exchanges on the AC emergency input of the generator or grid operator; This system allows you to have the maximum economic savings on your bill or even to completely eliminate the connection with the network operator.
ALL in ONE inverters have been designed to remain switched on 24 hours a day since thanks to the standby consumption of only 2W they do not discharge the batteries even if they remain switched on without loads applied. It should be noted that they also have the Cold Start function which allows switching on even without AC current, therefore in 100% OFF GRID operation and also in AC mode in the event of a power failure, the inverter restarts automatically.

All in One inverter main features:

• Pure Sine Wave.

• Integrated MPPT Solar Controller.

• Charging current selectable according to the applications.

• Solar and AC priority configurable via the LCD display.

• Compatible with variable voltages or generators.

• Automatic switch-on in case of AC power failure.

• Cold Start function (Start also with DC voltage battery only).

• Intelligent battery charger to optimize battery performance.

AC-DC Battery Chargers

To fully charge your battery you can choose one of our Victron, Quick or Eurteck chargers!
Various products available for occasional and professional use with integrated bluetooth. Our chargers can be used for your lab and automotive devices, such as (classic) cars, motorcycles, boats and RVs. The battery is intelligently charged to the perfect condition. The seven-step charging algorithm makes your battery perform at its best. The charger gives the battery the power it needs, preserves its health, ensures better performance and a longer life. The Some chargers also have the function "Recovery of dead batteries" ... after a deep discharge Unlike other brands, the Victron Blue Power battery charger will try to recharge the batteries after a deep discharge by forcibly supplying them with low current. Normal charging will then resume as soon as there is sufficient voltage across the battery terminals.

Solar Charge Controllers

A solar charger collects the energy from your solar panels and stores it in your batteries. Thanks to the latest and fastest technology, the regulators maximize this collection of energy, guiding it intelligently, to obtain a full charge in the shortest possible time and preserve the health of the battery and extend its life.

  • Ultra-fast Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT): especially in the case of cloudy skies, when the light intensity changes continuously, an ultra-fast MPPT type regulator increases the energy collected up to 30% more than a PWM type and up to 10% more than slower MPPT regulators
  • Advanced detection of the maximum power point in the event of partial shading: in the event that a partial shading of the PV panels occurs, the innovative algorithm always focuses on finding the optimum maximum power point, thus maximizing the energy collected
  • Exceptional conversion efficiency: maximum efficiency exceeds 98%.
  • Flexible charging algorithm: eight preprogrammed algorithms selectable by means of a special switch; a programmable algorithm. Battery temperature sensor to compensate for the charge
  • Extensive electronic protection: Overtemperature protection with power reduction. Short circuit and reverse polarity protection in the PV system. Reverse current protection
  • Internal temperature sensor: Compensates the absorption and the charging voltage for the temperature.

Photovoltaic boilers

With the 10 liter boiler onwards you can generate your hot water with sustainable and economical solar energy. The connection of the solar panels takes place in seconds with a few simple steps and provides a reliable supply of hot water. Once installed, the boiler produces free hot water for years. Ideal for holiday homes and retreats in the garden or in the mountains

DC-DC Battery Chargers

Professional three stage adaptive DC to DC charger with integrated Bluetooth. For use in dual battery systems in vehicles or boats where the alternator and starter battery are used to charge the service battery. The unit can be monitored and programmed via Bluetooth and can be controlled via remote on/off switch.

TopSolar Hybrid Inverter ALL in ONE 3000VA 2.4kW 24V MPPT 50A
TopSolar Hybrid inverter 2,4Kw 230V AC with MPPT 24V 50A 1200W solar charge controller and AC input for emergency generator. Priority use of renewable energy sources and automatic exchange with generator or power grid in case the batteries are dead.
Fothermo 12-24V Battery Cable for photovoltaic boiler OF013645
With this battery cable, the water boilers from Fothermo can be connected directly to a suitable battery and heated. This allows excess energy from photovoltaic charged batteries to be converted into heat in the boiler.