Fire extinguishers

CO2 Fire extinguisher 2Kg Classe of Fire 34B FNI1213132
Portable fire extinguisher for naval use. For commercial, fishing and passengers boats, with bracket. Approved MED 2014/90/EU, CE 0029, EN3, P.E.D. 2014/68/EU. Size: Ø mm. 100 x 587hmm. 2kg.
Kit Fire Extinguisher 6kg HFC227 FNI1213236H
Same as art. 1213236, but with HFC227 known also as FM200, that is a gas ozone friendly, it does not damage the engine, no tailings left, no dirt and is not harmful to people. 6Kg.
6kg Automatic spray powder extinguisher OS3151505
6kg Automatic spray powder extinguisher, categories A B C. Outline: barrell-shaped. For hulls up to 11m. Saturation volume m3: 9. Ø 260mm. Height 320mm. Support: Ceiling, swinging.