Rolls Batteries


OPzV GEL Rolls batteries

Optimised for use in medium and large sized solar installations, Rolls OPzV Gel range is designed to maximise efficiency and life cycle, making them ideal for off-grid solar applications. They feature highly effective tubular plate technology which maximises charge acceptance and a design which allows for excellent compatibility and space utilisation. In addition, these batteries also feature all of the maintenance free benefits that come with gel technology batteries.

AGM Rolls batteries

Rolls engineers designed the Series 5 as a heavy duty sealed deep cycle AGM battery to withstand both the marine leisure and commercial environments. Commercial & leisure vessels around the world have used these premium AGM range for thier outstanding technical performance coupled with rugged case design characteristics giving them a superior shock and vibration resistance. The Series 5 range offers industry leading cycle performance with increased cranking current, making them a versatile dual purpose maintenance free option for any vessel owner. Improved AGM technology results in a fast recharge whilst offering a low self-discharge point meaning batteries can be left unattended for prolonged periods of inactivity and retain performance.

Series 4000 Rolls batteries

Series 4000 Rolls batteries

Series 4500 Rolls batteries

Rolls 4500 Series batteries provide the convenience and portability of our most popular L16 4000 Series models, combined with the extended capacity and cycle life found in the heavy duty 5000 Series batteries.

Series 5000 Rolls batteries

Rolls 5000 series batteries incorporate a new plate design with a larger surface area and higher density paste, providing increased performance for high current applications. Powerful and dependable, these models provide power for a wide range of renewable systems.