Switches and buttons

Double screw cover brown 139x78mm OS1466503
139x78-mm snap-mounting screwcover frame, double. Brown. Made of plastic, stainless steel and brass, easy to mount, fine looking product. Module 50x50mm.
Marina R toggle switch ON-OFF-ON 12/24V N51324700606
Marina R toggle switch, watertight. Function: ON1 - OFF - ON1+2; ON1 = circuit 1 ON1+2 = circuit 1+2 Navigation lights for hulls up to 12 m: ON1 = white 360° ON1+2 = white 360°+red/green 112°,5. 12/24V. 4 terminals. Toggle included.
Off-On Push-button switch 2 terminals 15A N51324727156
Superior quality antistatic Resin body push-button switch. Silver contacts and moisture proof button. Can be completed with watertight Red or Black cap seal. 2 terminals. 15A capacity. Positions Off-On.