Electrical components

Wide range of electrical components: DC Panels, AC Panels, Photovoltaic Cable, Various Cables, Photovoltaic Connectors, Various Small Parts, Fuses and Fuse Holders, Terminal Blocks, Faston, Terminals, Battery Switches etc.


Photovoltaic cable

Cables for applications in photovoltaic systems, with elastomeric insulation and sheath, flame retardant, halogen-free and resistant to UV rays. Suitable for permanent indoor or outdoor use, for free mobile, free hanging and fixed installations.

Photovoltaic connectors

MC4 male and female photovoltaic connectors with IP67 protection are used to connect the solar panels together or to connect the strings to the inverters. They are watertight which can withstand bad weather for many years. IP67 degree of protection.

DC electrical panels

Electrical panels in direct current DC for a photovoltaic system or storage system.

AC Electrical Panels

Alternate AC electrical panels for a photovoltaic system or storage system.

Electrical panel DC Field 1000V 1 string for photovoltaics CIQCM1101L
DC panel 1 string, max 1000V, suitable for 1 single phase inverter with 1 string, essential to ensure the safety of the PV system, placed between the PV modules and the inverters and are used to interrupt the direct current flow towards the inverter in case of maintenance.