Iceboxes and accessories

The widest assortment of Igloo and Icey-Tek iceboxes

Igloo Ultra HCL36 Portable Icebox 25Lt 41x26x31cm OS5055608
Igloo Ultra HCL36 Portable Icebox 25Lt 41x26x31cm. Made of 600-denier athermic UV-resistant white fabric with ULTRATHERM® padding, UV resistent, white colour, keeps things cold for 2 days (thermal grade).
Icey-Tek Portable Cooler 115Lt 1100x500xh490mm 18kg N42816006023
Australian portable Icey-Tek cooler, the best for fish and food, with two threaded holes with cap that can be used as container for fish caught. Dimensions: 1100x500xh490mm external, 940x365xh360mm internal, 18kg, 115lt, white colour.