12v and 24v LED bulbs

2pcs Cylindrical LED bulb 12V 0,7W 3000K N50227550349
2 pieces Cylindrical LED bulb equipped with 4 LED having a 360° light cone. Power: 0,7W, 12V. Length: 31 mm. 60 lumen. 12 chip. Suitable for spot lights: Compact 12 and osculati OS11507xx.
BA15D LED bulb 12/24V 2W 120Lm 3000K White N50227563111
BA15D double contact LED bulb with parallel pins. Covered by a waterproof clear siliconic rubber compound. Minimum consumption (2W) for a performance like a 10W light.
3000 K° warm white light. 12/24V. 2W. 120 Lumen. Height 38mm.
LED bulb G4 side screw 12/24V 1.5W OS1445015
LED light bulb, G4 side screw. Model fitting a single high-power SMD LED bulb. 12/24V. 1,5W. W equivalent 15. 130 Lumen. 3000K. LED beam angle 120°. Connection side. Size: 33x16mm.