List of products by brand WD-40

WD-40 was born in 1953 in San Diego, California in a small laboratory called Rocket Chemical. The emblematic history of the brand tells us what led it to become the number one company in the world in terms of lubricants. Today it boasts a wide range of maintenance products for boats, bicycles, motorcycles, cars and a specialist line dedicated to industrial maintenance. WD-40 products have an incredible versatility of application and a priceless historicity that make the product the number one in the world!

A brief historical note:
During the 1950s, working in a small laboratory in San Diego, California, it took 40 attempts to come up with the water displacement formula. But they must have been really good, because the original secret formula for the WD-40 multipurpose product, which stands for Water Displacement perfected at the 40th attempt, is still in use today.

Some fun facts:
• A bus driver in Asia used WD - 40 to remove a python, which had wrapped itself around his bus trolley.
• Police officers used WD - 40 to remove a naked thief trapped in an air conditioning vent.
• Stain Removal Tips Crayola recommends using WD-40 to remove (normal) crayon marks from a variety of surfaces.
• Leslie Nielsen played Agent Dick Steele (aka, Agent WD-40) in the 1996 film Spy Hard
• As the Duct Tape Guys say, “In life you only need two tools, Duct Tape and WD - 40. If it's not stuck and it should be, tape it down. If it is locked and it shouldn't be, WD - 40.