List of products by brand Osculati

F1 mare 2 stroke General oil 5L N70346000001
2 stroke General oil. V 2% oil mixture for 2-stroke engines with specifications high performance NMMA-TC 3W; can be used directly on the tan or with pre-mixers; suitable for super petrol and unleaded petrol. Package 5L.
ECO BACT fuel biocide 1kg OS6504901
ECO BACT fuel biocide. Package 1 kg. Tretment - continuous: 250 grams per 1000 litres every refuelling. Tretment - periodical: 1000 grams every 1000 litres in consideration of tank volume.
White Lubricating Grease Spray 400ml OS6526100
Protective and water-resistant white lubricating grease. For mechanical parts that need both protection and lubrication. Resistant to high temperature (it contains lithium) and salty water. 400 ml.
Acrylic cleaner Detergent for acrylic panes 750ml N70645400000
Acrylic cleaner - Detergent for acrylic panes (polycarbonate, plexiglass, etc.). Designed not to leave marks on acrylic materials as standard detergents do. It can also be used on regular or laminated glass panels. Package 750ml.
Natural chamois leather DAINO SALT Size Large OS3621501
Natural chamois leather DAINO SALT. Size Large (0,35/0,42 m2, approx cm 45/55 x 65/75). Full leather treated with special tanning for salty environments; the way natural leather dries cannot be compared to that of synthetic leathers.
Shurhold Hammerhead Soft brush OS3694500
Shurhold Hammerhead Soft brush. Can either be used by hand or with any clip-on SHURHOLD handle; designed for maximum comfort, fitted with side cushion; suitable for hull or deck cleaning.
Shurhold 272 brush with handle N71447912944
Shurhold 272 brush with handle with soft side bumper for cleaning the waterline, propellers, teak decks, difficult angles, canvases, rusted areas on stainless steel pulpits, etc...