International Thinner 920 5Lt 458COL6505
Thinner Professional line. This product is a blen of organic solvents specifically designed for thinning and / or equipment cleaning in association with Perfection.
International VC General Thinner 1Lt N702458COL305
International VC General Thinner is suitable for thinning all VC products when necessary and for cleaning equipment. It can dissolve VC17m and may be used to remove VC17m if necessary. Unit Size 1 Lt
International Thinner No.3 1Lt N702458COL652
Thinner No.3 is suitable for thinning Antifoulings, Bottom Coatings and other Special Paints such as Micron Extra, Micron CSC, Micron WQ, Cruiser Premium, Cruiser Superior, Cruiser,etc..